How to get to Venice – Lido di Jesolo to Venice

Jesolo, Caorle or Eraclea are towns on Venice seaside that can be easily reachable through the lagoon. Getting to Venice by boat is absolutely worst it! From the countryside you will reach Punta Sabbioni, on the Venice coast where you could embark for Venice! You can easily reach Punta sabbioni with your private car and park directly in the many parkings availalable there. Otherwise, you can use te public bus transport. 

Prom Punta Sabbioni to Venice

From punta sabbioni in Venice, you can take the public boat transport ACTV. You can take a round-trip ticket for EUR 15 or a daily pass for EUR 24.

We recommend a more comfortable and economical shuttle that will allow you to get close to San Marco for 10 EUR round trip. What are the advantages? Booking online you will not have a queue and you are sure to embark without waiting under the sun and push to enter a boat full of passengers. Some of our shuttles also have a guide on board that will give you interesting explanations about Venice. This is the cheapest and more comfortable solution you are able to find!


How to reach Punta Sabbioni by bus

  • Linea 23a – Jesolo to Venice: LIDO DI JESOLO – Cavallino – PUNTA SABBIONI from 05:00 to 00:00
  • Linea 23bJesolo to Venice: LIDO DI JESOLO – Aqualandia – Via F. Baracca – PUNTA SABBIONI from 05:45 to 22:50
  • Linea 23c: Campeggi di Via delle Batterie – Punta Sabbioni from 08:00 to 12:30 on the way there and from 5:15 to 19:45 on the way back
  • Linea 23dJesolo to Venice: LIDO DI JESOLO – BURANO – TORCELLO – MURANO, from 06:15 to 22:50
  • From June till September, Monday till Friday,  linea Atvo n. 42,  connects Caorle to Venice, Jesolo to Venice and Eraclea to Venice through Punta Sabbioni.

How to get to Venice from the sea if you are in Chioggia and Sottomarina

If you start from the city of Chioggia or from Sottomarina, you have two options for reaching Venice: by land or sea.

How to get to Venice by bus:  linea Actv 80E starts from Sottomarina, makes a turn around the Venice peninsula and goes up to Venice through the statale Romea, the last stop is Piazzale Roma, close to the Venezia Santa Lucia train station. The route takes 70 minutes with 53 departures per day. From Sottomarina, it takes 10 minutes to reach Chioggia, and 60 minutes to get to Venice from Chioggia. The first departure from Sottomarina is at 02:35 and the last one at 00:20. The first departure from Venice leaves at 4 and the last one at 01:35.

How to get to Venice by sea: the traghetto Actv n. 19: ferry leaves on mornings following this time schedule:

  • CHIOGGIA (Isola dell’Unione) 09:05
  • CHIOGGIA (Piazzetta Vigo) 09:15
  • MARCO-S.ZACCARIA “A” 10:45

Evening return schedule:

  • MARCO-S.ZACCARIA “A” 17:00
  • CHIOGGIA (Piazzetta Vigo) 18:30
  • CHIOGGIA (Isola dell’Unione) 18:40

Alternatively, il traghetto Actv n. 11 have a 24/7 route connecting Chioggia – Ca’ Roman – Pellestrina – Alberoni – Lido and can be used for connections between Lido – Venezia. This is also a good chance to stop in the small towns on the route: you can visit the natural reserve of Ca’ Roman, with its bunkers from WWII and its rare birds in the wild, and from there reach along  “murazzi” the beautiful town of  Pellestrina, with its colors and atmosphere.