Treviso Airport: the second Venice airport

The Venice – Treviso airport is the second airport of Venice, after Marco Polo airport. Treviso carries millions of passengers every year coming in to stay in Venice, and hosts low-cost airlines from all over Italy and Europe. Sometimes it is referred to as Treviso Sant’Angelo airport, after the nearby town of Treviso, or Antonio Canova airport in Treviso, after the famous sculptor to whom it was dedicated.
The Venice – Treviso airport has two floors, where you can find restaurants and some shops. The arrivals hall is on the ground floor, and departures on the first floor. At the airport, the first 30 minutes of Wi – Fi connection are free.

The Treviso railway station is close by, reached by the line 6 of the ACTT urban transport service. This makes Treviso an excellent central location from which to explore the area. Direct transfers by ATVO bus are available to the beaches of the Veneto coast such as Lido di Jesolo, Caorle and Bibione, or by GoOpti for the most distant destinations.

How far is it from Treviso to Venice?

Treviso to Venice is just 25 km, while Mestre is about 20km away. You can reach Venice easily by public transport in about an hour on the ATVO buses. If you go by car or taxi, the journey is about 40 minutes.


How to get to Venice from Treviso airport,

The main station in Venice is Piazzale Roma. From here, you can take a water taxi to your destination or to other parts of venice.

Transport options from Treviso airport to Venice:
● private taxi: the journey takes about 40 – 50 minutes and the minimum fare is € 76 for up to 4 people plus luggage.
Treviso Airport Express bus – ATVO: this is the airport shuttle that offers a direct service to Piazzale Roma. The modern ATVO buses take just over an hour to get to Venice. They cost €15 (including luggage) and all have free Wi – Fi.
If you are going to Mestre, the Treviso Airport Express Bus stops in the city center (Corso del Popolo) and at the train station.

Car rental Treviso airport

Where to hire a car at Venice Treviso Airport. It is possible to hire a car from Treviso airport from all the major rental companies. Their desks can be found in the arrivals hall. Make sure you book your car in advance to get the best choice.

Treviso airport to Venice taxi price

The cost of a taxi for the 40 minutes journey from the airport to Piazzale Roma at the entrance to Venice is about 80 euros.

From Venice back to Treviso airport

To return to Treviso airport, you need to leave from Piazzale Roma where you can choose between two options:

  • Treviso Airport Express Bus – ATVO: is the only means of public transport between the historic centre of Venice and Treviso. The trip lasts about 1h and 10 minutes and the ticket price is 12 € including baggage and free Wi-Fi.
    ● Private taxi: the transfer takes about 45 minutes and the minimum price is 80 €; Remember to reserve a car at least the day before with a private car rental company with driver, because the “normal” taxis that park in Piazzale Roma only make local trips.
    If you leave from Mestre, remember that the Treviso Airport Bus Express makes two stops (in Corso del Popolo and at the train station).


Bus from Venice to Treviso airport?

ATVO shuttle from Treviso airport


The Treviso Airport Express Bus (ATVO) is the best option from Treviso airport to Venice as its departures match with flight arrival times, but there are other possibilities. You can take the Barzì bus shuttle, which is faster because it travels on the highway, but there are less services and it only goes as far as Tronchetto. From Tronchetto you then have to take the vaporetto (water taxi) line 2,which will take more time.

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