Marco Polo airport to Venice

Marco Polo airport in Venice and Treviso airport are the primary airports of Venice. Every day dozens of domestic and intercontinental flights fly into Venice with the city of the Doges being the main attraction.


How do you get from Marco polo airport to Venice?


To reach the city of Venice or one of the major islands (Murano, Burano, Lido) you can choose between a private taxi, a bus or a shared shuttle service. You can even travel by water – only in Venice!

The shuttle usually chosen by tourists is Alilaguna, a vaporetto that leaves directly from the airport dock to Venice (price: € 15 / 1h and it takes an hour and a half). The Alilaguna stops only at some limited piers of the city so you may still have to change boat or go on foot between bridges and narrow streets with heavy suitcases to get to your accommodation! Furthermore, in high season, there are long queues for these boats.

It will surprise you to know that we Venetians, even though we are a water loving people, prefer to take the bus for this journey as its faster and cheaper! 


The Bus from the airport to Venice

This is certainly the quickest and cheapest option to reach Venice from Marco Polo Airport.
The bus terminal is Venice Piazzale Roma, not by chance also called “piazzale delle corriere”; and from here to get to your accommodation you will need to go on by water or by foot. From Piazzale Roma all the ACTV public transportation (the vaporetto) lines leave to take you even just a few metres to your accommodation!

How do get to the centre by bus?

You can take the ATVO Express Bus which provides a direct connection and takes less than 25 minutes from the airport to Piazzale Roma, without intermediate stops. This bus is guaranteed to run until the arrival of the last evening flight.
Or you can take the Line 5 ACTV: urban transport service to Piazzale Roma which takes at least 30 minutes because it makes the stops along the way.

Ticket prices for both buses are € 8 € one way and € 15 return


From the Venice airport to Mestre: what choice of transport is available?

As Mestre is on the mainland you have to take a bus or a taxi there. Public transportation is cheap and efficient for this route.

Just at the exit of the arrivals area you will find the lane reserved for taxis and just beyond this the bus platform:

ATVO SHUTTLE.The atvo bus goes direct from the airport to Mestre with only two stops, one in the center of Mestre (Corso del Popolo in front of the theater) and at the railway station. The journey takes about fifteen minutes during which you can take advantage of free Wi – Fi on board;
ACTV bus: the urban transport lines 15 and 45 respectively serve the south Mestre area (towards the railway station from which Marghera can also be reached) and Mestre nord (Carpendo passing through Favaro); the transfer takes a minimum of 30 minutes as the bus stops frequently during the journey.

The price of both transfers, including the transport of a suitcase, is € 8 for one way and € 15 for a return ticket.


How to take a taxi from the airport

Water taxi (vaporetto)

A water taxi – is the motorboat that will take you downtown to Venice and to the larger islands;
A regular taxi – car  that will take you to Mestre or other destinations on the mainland.
The private motorboat is certainly the most exciting and quickest way to reach Venice, but also the most expensive one. The service has a basic cost of € 120 for Venice historic center, plus any additional charges based on the number of people, luggage and travel time. The motorboats leave from the nearby small port reached from the arrivals hall of the airport through a covered path. Given the high demand for water taxis, especially in connection with incoming flights, it is advisable to reserve your service in advance.

The basic price of the taxi service to Mestre is € 35 which may be increased by the amount of luggage, the number of passengers or if the ride is late at night. For departures from Marco Polo, you can’t book in advance, simply go to the taxi rank that  in front of the arrivals hall and wait for your turn!

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