2 Days in Venice: enjoy a true Venice

A magical stop in Venice

Is it possible to visit Venice in two days? Sure, if you know how to move! The city is in fact an archipelago, and most visitors only see the tip of the Iceberg, by visiting the districts, or “sestieri”, on the major island, which are:
  • Sestiere di San Marco, the heart of Venice;
  • Sestiere di Castello, one of the first housing clusters of the city since year 400;
  • Sestiere di Cannareggio and Sestiere di Santa Croce, which connect Venice to the mainland;
  • Sestiere di San Polo, the smallest district of the centre;
  • Sestiere di Dorsoduro, anciently known as “the toll of the sea”.
  • Outside the historical centre, we have a vast archipelago waiting to be discovered.

In just two days it is possible to see so many different souls of Venice that it will feel like you have been here for so long and like you know the city like your pockets!

venice what to do in two days

Venice what to do in two days: the map of the city

2 days in Venice: the historical centre

Venice what to do in two days: the venetian “bottegas” and the handcraft laboratories. A special way to get closer with Venice is enjoying its artisans’ workshops, called “botteghe” in Italian. The Remer bottega is the sequel of the squero where Gondola rowboats are created, but you can also find an ancient artistic foundry and some of the best costume ateliers in the world!
Venice what to do in two days: the tour of the city, of tastes and.. ghosts! To have a good view of Venice, a good idea is joining a walking tour around the centre. From San Marco square to the Malibran theatre, we will guide you on a journey through the beauties and history of a unique city! In one and a half hour you will live and breath the atmosphere of the most famous Venice, or maybe choose the route of the secret Venice: what teases you more? What if the tour is enriched with a full immersion in the tastes of Venice? Here’s a great walk in Venice, with the opportunity of enjoying the local street food, or even row a boat on the Barcari tour if you are the sportsy kind!
Venice what to do in two days

Venice what to do in two days: visit a bacaro! PH Tim Sackton

Touring venice islands: a must see for you 2 days un Venice

Venice what to do in two days: take your bike and ride! If you want to enjoy Venice and its islands fast and stress-free, you can rent a bike and take a ride anywhere in the area. Visit the Lido with a light city bike, then ride down to the island of Sant’Erasmo, which awaits you for a pic-nic by the sea.
Venice what to do in two days: are you ready to sail? The sailing routes are certainly the most true and romantic way to visit Venice. You can try your skills in voga alla Veneta (the venetian rowing techinque) or take a taxi boat to Burano, Torcello, Altino and San Francesco del Deserto to enjoy sailing on the peaceful waters of the lagoon on a unique kind of boat: the Passera Istrana!
Venice what to do in two days: Saint Erasmo island

Venice what to do in two days: Saint Erasmo island

Learning to be Venetian: workshops you cannot miss

After seeing Venice “through a Venetian point of view”, it’s time to engage yourself and actually become Venetian! In two days you can not only see the best of the town and the islands, you can also take a half-day to learn the crafts of Venice. How? Through artistic workshops! Venice is a classical art town, but in Venice art is still alive and kicking, and if you let some of this spirit into you, you will have a wonderful and unforgettable experience on this city on the water. Venetian workshops are many, as many are the arts and crafts that in the bottegas are passed on generation after generation. You can learn how to decorate a Venetian mask or blow beads of the original Murano glass.
Venice what to do in two days

Venice what to do in two days: the ancient Carnival masks