Venice with children : a child-sized holiday

If you are taking the full house on holiday you probably have a wide palette of tastes and needs to consider. When visiting Venice with children, you can entrust the experts and enjoy new exciting experiences with your kids, or leave them in good hands to enjoy some relax!. While your kids play, learn and have fun with one of our activities for children, you can treat yourself with an aperitivo on the Canal Grande or visit your favorite museum. At the same time, if you’d like to engage in activities in Venice with kids instead, we got a lot of suggestions to get inspired. Let’s dive in!


Venice with Children : the treasure hunt

You can trust our carers with your children or join this activity as well. This is one of our top activities in  “Venice with children“, perfect for kids older than 6! They will be guided by an experienced operator during this exciting treasure hunt among the Venetian calle! Kids will have fun and learn a lot about the city, its history and its legends.

What do mum and dad do in the meantime? The treasure hunt is about 1.5 hour long. Just enough time to visit the Rialto Bridge Market to enjoy a drink, or you could spend this time to take some photos in front of the Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco, the Bridge of Sighs and Doge’s Palace or why not, to visit the Peggy Guggenheim collection or one of the many other museums!

Make an original Carnival mask with your children

Carnival Masks in Venice are much more than just a carnival ornament. IT is enough to do a quick search about the Ca Macana masks just to have an idea of how deep in our culture carnival masks go. We offer a 2 hour workshop which will teach you techniques for decorating a mask and is perfect for little visitors. Or we can also offer the complete course, which lasts two days, where you’ll learn to make a mask from scratch. The workshops are open to children older than 7: participants will learn the traditions and meanings behind the masks. You are welcome to join as well! From experience, we can say, that this is one of the favorite activities for the all family in Venice!

In alternative, your children can participate at the workshop by themself and you can pick them up at the end of the activity. What do mom and dad do in the meantime? As an idea, you can enjoy a mysterious tour of Venice! This is the perfect tour for those with a passion for the occult and magic: the journey through alchemic Venice will take your breath away!

Venice with children: let’s make some paper!

Creative workshops for kids are among the most immersive and fun ways to take some good memories of your holiday in Venice with children back home. Your kids can engage in a 3 hour long workshop at a professional papermaker’s bottega. Here they will learn how to make paper from scratch!

Again, you are more then welcome to join the activity. In alternative, what can mom and dad do in the meantime? the workshop lasts about 3 hours: it could be your chance to treat yourself with a relaxing shiatsu massage and a aperitivo alla Veneziana!

Adults and children: all together now!

If you want to engage in activities specifically designed for you who are travelling in Venice with your kids, themed excursions might be what you are looking for. They are fit for kids older than 5 and two different paths can be taken:

  • The path of the secret code mysteries: a tour of the secrets of Venice, in the suggestive locations of Campo Santa Maria Formosa.
  • The path of the winged lion’s courage: you will explore the mysterious Sestiere di Castello, time traveling to the age of the Serenissima!

Last but not least activities in Venice with Children !

A visit to Venice would not be complete without a Gondola ride! We know this will be one of those activities that will remain in your memories and those of your children for ever! We offer many options, every day of the year and at different time of the day! This is a totally safe activity for children as gondolier are highly trained professional in their job!

If you have enough time, a visit to the Island of Murano is a must! Here you will be able to see a demonstration of artistic glass production, a very unique craft! Walking around the island your children will be fascinated by the hundreds of little glass animal figurines on the shop’s windows! You will be able to purchase some to take home as a lovely memory of your family trip to Venice Italy. The only problem will be to choose which one as they are all so lovely!


Please do not hesitate to let us know your requirements! It will be our pleasure to recommend the most appropriate activities and day trips so that you can make the most out of your stay in Venice with your children!

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