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Venice and the Veneto are packed full of wonders. That’s why it is easy to get lost among all the fabulous things there are to see! The Doge’s Palace, St Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge, the Jewish ghetto, St Mark’s Basilica-the “must see” spots are numerous. Choosing to discover the history of Venice through a walking tour with our Venetian tour guides will definitely make the difference! With thousands of attractions, crowded street and an infinite number of ‘bacari’ you often risk to miss out on what is really worth to be seen. VivoVenetia has selected local guides who offer very special experiences: tailored just for you, for small groups, in places unknown to the public. It will allow you to hear unforgettable anecdotes and incredible historical facts about Venice in a funny way.
The proposals range from photographic tours of Venice to treasure hunts. The offer is really wide!


Venice Private tour guide for a customized walking tour

If you walk around Venice, you will find pieces of history at every corner of the city and on each palace. It is quite a hard job to delimit a specific area where you could find and visit every place of interest. You can certainly begin with the area around Piazza San Marco: it has to be one of your “must see” stops, but don’t forget the rest of the city! For instance, if you cross the Grand Canal of Sighs, head towards the Arsenal and in about ten minutes you will arrive in a very popular and picturesque sestieri: Castello. Rule of thumb when you are visiting Venice is to keep your phone inside your pocket and to look up! Because even the balconies are embellished with bas-reliefs and colourful patterns. With a Venice local guide, head into the heart of the Serenissima. Is there a better way to discover the history of Venice than walking with a tour guide? Do you prefer a private tour or would you rather join small group tours? Come and discover with us the political heart of the Serenissima: the Doge’s Palace, the Basilica of San Marco, the Clock Tower, the Marciana library and the Procuratie, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, or the Frari church.

Unusual tours of Venice 

A way to discover Venice with a new perspective is to pay a visit to Venetian craftsmen! What is the story hidden behind a glass bead creation? How long does it take to make a forcola? How was the paper produced in Venice? How is made a mosaic? Did you know that the Sagrada Familia mosaics come from Venice? Craftsmanship in Venice is synonymous with high quality and, quite often, with luxury. Finding real craftsmen on the island seems like a treasure hunt among the many standardized souvenir shops in Venice. This tour is a unique opportunity for you to discover an aspect of the city that often remains unknown to the distracted visitor. Let us guide you through the shops and workshops where ancient arts and crafts are still in practice nowadays. Above all, come and see the fascinating spectacle of the craftsmen’s hands at work! Discover an exclusive side of Venice with our Guided Tours. And how about discovering the history of the city by taking part in a travelling theatre show?

Day trips around Venice with a venice private tour guide

Don’t miss out on a visit of the Venetian lagoon and islands with a guided tour! And what about a fat bike tour on the Lido beach while the sun is setting? We also strongly recommend you day trips to Verona, Treviso, Brenta river and Garda lake! Take a look at our section Northern Italy tours if you would like to know more.

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