Po Delta National Park


The Delta del Po in the Province of Rovigo is a unique natural wetland environment with a particularly high level of biodiversity. If you are in the Veneto region why not visit the special area of the Foce del Po and the city of Rovigo. If you decide to explore this delicate ecosystem, you will understand the beauty of this natural landscape. Take a boat trip on the Po Delta and soak up the peace and delicacy of this wetland. In 1997 the Po Delta Regional Park was established and today this area is a World Heritage Site and a UNESCO Reserve.

Cycle along the routes of the fishing valleys.The routes are varied and flat and so suitable for everyone. The Po Delta is for nature lovers and those who enjoy boat trips,canoeing, biking, an birdwatching ..

Not far from this park shaped by water is Rovigo, the capital of this province surrounded by fields and farms.

Let’s discover this unusual area of the Veneto!


In Kürze werden wir Ihnen einige Erfahrungen in dieser schönen Region anbieten können !

Po Delta National Park - Rovigo

Rovigo is capital of the Polesano region. It is a small but interesting city, with a pleasant pedestrianised centre and many historic Venetian buildings which have been renovated and represent an area that has always based its economy on agriculture. Starting from Corso del Popolo, the main shopping street, you will come to main squares such as Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II and Piazza Garibaldi, the Church of the Duomo and the Church of Beata Vergine Del Soccorso, better known as Rotonda.

The city center hosts an exciting theatre season in the Social Theater plus exhibitions and museums at Palazzo Roverella, home of the modern art gallery and at Palazzo Roncale, where courses and workshops are also organized. Don’t miss a visit to the Museum of the Great Rivers to explore the history of the area. To end your visit, stop in a tavern in the center or in an agriturismo (open farm) a short distance away to taste the delicious local products of an area rich in fruit and vegetables: fish and shellfish, sheep and rice. Taste the delicious fresh produce of the area - you won’t be disappointed!

The most beautiful Delta Po excursions are boat cruises. Take a special trip on the river po and discover the longest river Delta Park in Italy. The small boats on which you will sail are flat-bottomed and have quiet electrically powered engines and so don’t create a disturbance in the surrounding environment. They will make their way slowly through the reed thickets and the paradei, which are small connecting channels. The routes vary depending on the branch of the river you are sailing or whether you are in the fresh or brackish water lagoon. You can go  from the Foce del Po di Volano; to the Bocche del Po di Pila Reserve: to the Burcio lagoon, to the island of Scano Boa and to the Valli di Comacchio. During these tours you will be able to see fragile wetland ecosystems, where the strength of the river has carved out the routes through the landscape together with the action of man, who has controlled the flow of water, over centuries. On our guided tours in this nature reserve you will see the fascinating reed houses, the farms covered by water, towers and other structures built by man linked to agricultural activity and fishing. Other excursions will take you to visit the most remote unspoilt areas. In these places besides flowers, you will be able to see many species of birds, which nest and breed here. Birds, fish, molluscs, amphibians, reptiles and small mammals have found their natural habitat in this wild place. Stay quiet, and you will have the opportunity to take wonderful photos of this unique natural environment and its inhabitants.

Po Delta National Park - boat trips

Cycling along the Po Delta Cycle Route

Another way to explore this environment suspended between water and land, river and lagoons is to rent a bike and take the cycle path that follows the course of the river and the fishing valleys. There are lots of  Po Delta bike excursions. The terrain is flat and easy going and you can immerse yourself in the sounds and scents of a unique ecosystem between the river, the brackish lagoons,and those of fresh water, On the banks of the Po, you will cycle past reeds, marshes, woods, dunes and beaches. You will want to stop frequently to take photos to remember this remarkable place rich in history and tradition, where man has always tried to tame the natural environment. Traces of some buildings used for fishing, old farms, lookout towers will appear during your two-wheeled tour. You will encounter egrets, cormorants, herons, diving ducks, the tern, the redshank, the Italian rider, the osprey  the Flamingo and many other species of migratory birds. Birdwatching is a great thing to do here, and you might even see some deer grazing from your bike or in the Mesola Wood.

Flamingos on the Po Delta

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