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Venice Masquerade Ball: “La nuit enchantée” 22nd February 2020

An evening you won’t forget: on the wildest night of Venice Carnival join an amazing ball in a stunning Venetian palace. Your costume is ready, you only have to choose. A private transfer will carry you from your lodging… to your dreams.


  • For Venice Carnival Venice has no brakes … join the game
  • Live the unique experience of a Masquerade Ball in an ancient Venetian palace
  • Celebrate Carnival among artists, performances, dances, music … and other surprises


The Venice Carnival is one of the largest carnivals in the world, if not the most prestigious with Rio de Janeiro. The main celebration does not take place during the day but during the evening through masquerade balls in the most beautiful Venetian palace. What if you were one of the privileged invited ? 

You can participate in one of these world-renowned balls: you will wear a traditional costume and enjoy an historical dress. The fitting session in atelier is charming! You will have the impression of being transported to another time, another era.

If you attend a Venice masked balls, be prepared not to recognise your reflection in the water of the canals. It is a mysterious metamorphosis that happens to anyone who participates in the Carnival of venice: as you put on your mask, you will feel different. Everything is allowed !!!  Major carnival events as casanova grand ball and other parties happen on 15th and 22nd February 2020. Let’s go and embrace everything that the Venetian Carnival has to offer. Andiamo! 

The last weekend of the Venice 2020 Carnival, Saturday February 22nd is a key date to book a masked ball! 

Venice masquerade ball saturday 22nd february 2020: Carnival in Love “La nuit enchantée”

One of the most longed-for events of Venice Carnival 2020 is taking place in a magnificent Venetian palace, Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro in the sestiere of Castello. This year for the first time, at the Grand Ball  “Carnival of Love” 18th century Venice will meet… THE CIRCUS! Exotism, magic, art and shows await you for an unbelievable night of Carnival and venetian masquerade.

Program: The doors will open at 8.00 p.m with welcome cocktail, gala dinner, shows, open bar and discotheque. The party will go on into the night with modern music. The dinner is prepared by one of the most famous chef in venice  and artistic live performance will allow you to enter in a magic world. 

Dress code: Venetian masks and an historical costume are required to attend the Carnival dinner; for after-dinner entries an evening dress with mask is the only requirement. Check the ticket section.  

During this masked ball held in the heart of the Venice Carnival, you will surely experience one of the highlights of your life. Dressed in your suit and mask, you will enter a large private palace overlooking Venice in elegant disguise to enjoy a delicious 4-course banquet accompanied by Italian wines.   In a magnificent setting, with enchanting shows, you will also enjoy a welcome cocktail served with small sofas and you will share an exquisite moment of delight and happiness. All your senses will be overwhelmed. 

Tickets Venice masquerade ball 

 Wonder Ticket – 500,00€

  • Entrance to the palace at 8 pm
  • Welcome cocktail with aperitifs
  • Dinner at 9.30 pm – only 100 guests in the Central Hall in front of the stage
  • Shows with international artists
  • Disco with open bar from 23:00
  • Dessert Buffet
  • The dress code includes mask and costume (historical). Evening dresses will not be allowed.

We advice you to choose the Package with costume rental as the extra € 250 you pay are worthless, unless you arrive with your own historical dress.

Wonder Package – 750,00€

Wonder ticket plus historic costume rental from Regular Collection

Luxury Wonder Package – 950,00€

Wonder ticket plus historic costume rental from Luxury Collection


Super Luxury Wonder Package – 1250,00€

Wonder ticket plus costume rental from the Super Luxury Collection


After Dinner – 150,00€

  • Entrance to the palace at 11 pm 
  • Disco with open bar 
  • Dessert buffet

The dress code includes an evening dress and mask.


Your Carnival Costume rental: how does it work

Once you purchase your ticket for this event, you will have access to our traditional venetian costume catalogue (classified  in different categories from regular to super luxury). We have plenty of costumes. Choose your favourite one and give us your measurements, so it will fit perfectly.

Costume try-out will take place before the party in our atelier close to Rialto. After the purchase you will already fix with the atelier the appointment for the trial in order to be sure that the costume fits perfectly. No stress and worries! The costume will be sent to your lodging the day of the event , and it will be picked-up there the day after the party.

Normally the costume rental lasts 24 hours: enough to enjoy the party and.. why not, take some amazing photos in your costume along the Grand Canal, or in St. Mark Square. Extension of the rental is possible as well, just ask! 

If you have any questions or queries please contact us, admin team would love to answer them!

*In respect of the privacy policy we inform you that during the Event will be made video and photo shooting. Please inform us if you do not want to appear in the material used for promotional purposes made with the same (in anycase, nobody will recognize you) 

*At the time of purchase please report any allergies or food intolerances.


During the Carnival period, anything can happen….The poor man becomes the king of the festival and the King is relegated to the rank of a simple servant. Behind the masks and make-up there is no longer any prohibition, the rules are forgotten for a few hours or a few days. In Venice, carnival has a privileged history and the mask, its favourite attribute, was an everyday object and not only mandatory for participants in festivities. To attend one of these balls organized in the rich Venetian palazzi, you will need to plan more complete outfits and our advice will always be to refer to the 17th and 18th centuries, models of refinement and elegance. Costumes of “marquis” and “marquise”, preferably in harmony of colours and style, combined with a wolf worked or plucked in the same shade, powdered wig or tricorn, profusion of jewellery.  For the Masquerade Ball, book your costume in advance. Costumes can be adjusted to your size and are systematically cleaned. 


More parties during Carnival 2020? Check the programme of Venice Carnival

Saturday 15th February: Venice Carnival Ball Circus of Wonders”





    Wonder Ticket – 500,00€

    Wonder Package – 750,00€ 

    Luxury Wonder Package – 950,00€

    Super Luxury Wonder Package – 1250,00€

    After Dinner – 150,00€ 


    From 8 pm to late night


    Saturday 22nd February 2020

    Spoken Languages

    • Italian
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish

    Included / Excluded

    Included :

    As per description of each ticket

    Excluded :

    Whatever is not specified in the Included section

    Sales Conditions

    There will be no refund in case of a NO SHOW, or cancellation from the client.

    Other practical information

    Once you have made your purchase, you will receive an email from the Atelier where you can provide the measurements for the costume, get a list of available costumes and make an appointment for the rental.

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