2022 Venice Carnival: all the events !

The Venice Carnival is joy, seduction, transgression… in a word: freedom. From the city streets to Saint Mark’s Square to the majestic palaces overlooking the Grand Canal, the whole city is in celebration and will involve visitors in a unique experience. Every year the Carnival includes a series of public events such as the Flight of the Angel, Festa delle Marie, the water parade “festa veneziana sull’acqua” in cannaregio district, the svolo del leone.

But the most intriguing part of the celebration happen in places the crowd can not reach ! The very popular Venice masked balls will immerse you in the crazy atmosphere of Venetian palaces and other magnificent venues! Of course, you will have to plan ahead a book your place, prepare your mask and costume, mandatory to come in.

Follow us and discover the strange world of Venice Carnival !


Covid-19 and  2022 Venice CarnivalCovid 2021 Venice Carnival mask

Sanitary measures due to the covid-19 virus forced the authorities to shorten the carnival festivities in 2020 (cancellation of the carnival 2 days before the end). In 2021, the Carnival was cancelled for the same reasons.

Time for 2022 Carnival has come, and it seems, against all odds, that it will indeed take place ! The Venice City Hall has not yet published the official calendar of traditional events for the 2022 edition. However, as the dates of the Venice Carnival follow the religious calendar, we can anticipate the dates: from February 13th to March 1st.

We are happy to offer this year a wide range of private events, which will take place in different palaces all around the city. Get your costume and mask ready : Venice Carnival 2022 is about to start!


Venice Carnival 2022 edition

What are the cultural events of the world-famous Venice Carnival? What should you know and how best to organize your stay in the city of the Doges? Let’s look at all of this now!

As you might know, the dates of the Carnival change every year. Here we show you the program of the 2022 edition.

The Venice Carnival includes a series of open-air public events that punctuate the two-weeks Carnival. The most important and festive events are masked balls and private parties organized in palaces to the rhythm of the nights of the Venice Carnival. If you are planning your trip to Venice for Carnival, it is a good idea to identify at the earliest the key dates of the carnival that you should not miss.

  • Sunday, February 13th from 10:30 am: Venetian Water Festival in Rio di Cannaregio
  • Saturday, February 19th, from 2:30 pm: Feast of the Mary (Feste delle Marie). The procession will start from San Pietro di Castello, follow the Via Garibaldi and Riva degli Schiavoni to the Doges’ Palace and Saint Mark’s Square.
  • Saturday,  February 19th at 8 pm: Private ball party “Ball of dreams”
  • Sunday, February 20th, 12:30 pm: Flight of the Angel
  • Saturday February 26th: Exclusive masked ball “Il Ballo del Doge”
  • Saturday February 26th: Masquerade Venice ball “The miroir magique”
  • Sunday,  February 27th: Flight of the eagle
  • Tuesday, March 1st: Flight of the Lion and final contest of the most beautiful mask.

2021 Venice Carnivale programPublic events at the Venice Carnival are free of charge, but in view of the massive influx of people in recent years, the city of Venice has adopted restrictive access measures. This is particularly true for the surroundings of St. Mark’s Square. If you are attending the events, the advice is to travel to and within Venice plenty of time in advance so that you can make it to your destination on time.

Private carnivals parties and Venice masked balls, on the other hand, have an entrance ticket. It can include various services: from Carnival dinner to costume rental, to private transfers… Check the services included in your ticket and book as soon as possible… Carnival places are limited and reservations have to be made months in advance to avoid disappointment.




Venice masked balls and dress code

A note before we get into the program. For every Venice Carnival event you must pay attention to the dress code indicated. Venice masked balls organized in Venetian palaces normally require historical costumes and Venetian masks, which can be included or not in your ticket.

Venetian costumes are those that are seen parading during the Carnival in St. Mark’s Square and of which visitors take thousands of photos. These costumes are easily rented in Venice, but you have to organize yourself in advance. They are very popular for Carnival events and if you arrive too late, choice will be really reduced.

At the end of this page you will find a link to our dedicated section. Some masquerade balls include an easier dress code for the entrance, for example after dinner, with elegant dress and mask.

2021 Venice Carnival

2022 Venice Carnival: events and themed parties tickets

Public events of the Venice Carnival are free, but given the massive flow of people in recent years the city of Venice has adopted restrictive measures for access. This is particularly true for Piazza San Marco. If you go to events, the advice is to move well in advance towards your destination.

Private Carnival events, on the other hand, have an entrance ticket . It usually includes various services: from dinner to the rental of clothes, to the private transfer on grand canal… Carnival Theme Parties are becoming increasingly popular in the last few years and tickets for these events are limited. Therefore reservations have to be made well in advance to ensure availability of the chosen option. Two very much anticipated theme parties for Carnival 2022 are:


Ballo di Carnevale costume

February 25th :“The doge’s courtesans ball”


Palazzetto Pisani, an 18th century building located in the historic center of Venice, will host on the 25th of February “the doge’s courtesans ball”. The evening includes artistic performances like live Opera, gala dinner and after-party. You’ll even get a discounted rate if you book early ! Get your ticket for this  Venice Carnival ball  now !









ballo del doge venezia 2022

February 26th : The Exclusive “Doges Ball” Venice


The most luxurious and exclusive event of the Carnival is without a doubt “Il ballo del Doge” organised every year by Antonia Sautter. Celebrate Love the night before Valentine’s in the most elegant and sophisticated Venice Carnival themed party. This world-class appointment promises to display exceptional talents and culinary extravaganza. The dress-code is really strict, and we strongly advise you get your costume from your host, Mrs Sautter, who is the most passionate Venetian Costume’s designer.








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