2023 Venice Carnival: all the events !

The Venice Carnival is joy, seduction, transgression… in a word: freedom. From the city streets to Saint Mark’s Square to the majestic palaces overlooking the Grand Canal, the whole city is in celebration and will involve visitors in a unique experience. Every year the Carnival includes a series of public events such as the Flight of the Angel, “Festa delle Marie”, the water parade “festa veneziana sull’acqua” in cannaregio district, the “svolo del leone”.

But the most intriguing part of the celebration happens in places the crowd can not reach ! The very popular Venice masked balls will immerse you in the crazy atmosphere of Venetian palaces and other magnificent venues! Of course, you will have to plan ahead, book your place, prepare your mask and costume, mandatory to come in.

Follow us and discover the strange world of Venice Carnival !



When is Carnival in Venice 2023

The Carnival dates change every year, as it depends on the date of Easter according to the religious calendar. The last day is therefore always shrove Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday.


The new edition of Venice Carnival will take place  from February 4 to February 21 2023.

This year’s theme has not been revealed yet, but more to follow on the official Venice Carnival Website ! We will obviously update our page as soon as we receive more information ! Stay tuned!

Venice Carnival 2023 edition

For 2 weeks, Venice will be dancing to the rhythm of its world famous Carnival! If the program hasn’t been officially revealed, we can anticipate the date of a few “regular” events !

2023 program Venice Carnival


From the 11th to 21st of february

Costume parade in Saint Mark's Square

Sunday 5th of February

Grand opening : Venetian party on the water in the Cannaregio district - departure 11:15 am

Saturday the 11th February

Procession and Feast of the Marys, departure from San Piero di Castello at 2:30 p.m. and arrival in St. Mark's Square at 4 p.m.

Sunday the 12th February

flight of the angel - volo dell’angelo from the st mark’s bell tower  of saint marc at 12h30

Thursday 16 February

Fat thursday - Giovedì grasso

Sunday 19 february

flight of the eagle - volo dell’aquila  in Saint Mark's square at 12:00

Tuesday 21 february

Fat Tuesday - double appointment in St. Mark's Square with the flight of the lion and the final of the most beautiful mask contest

Venice masked balls and costumes


For every Venice Carnival event you must pay attention to the dress code indicated. Venice masked balls organized in Venetian palaces normally require historical costumes and Venetian masks, which can be included or not in your ticket.

Venetian costumes are those that are seen parading during the Carnival in St. Mark's Square and of which visitors take thousands of photos. These costumes are easily rented in Venice, but you have to organize yourself in advance.

They are very popular for Carnival events and if you arrive too late, choice will be really reduced. At the end of this page you will find a link to our dedicated section. Some masquerade balls include an easier dress code for the entrance, for example after dinner, with elegant dress and mask.

Carnival events and Venice theme parties tickets

Discover the unique atmosphere of a Venetian masked ball to celebrate Carnival!

As a rule, this is a themed evening, and to participate you will have to follow the dress code announced at the time of booking. The program includes various artistic performances, cocktails, dinner and finally an "after dinner party" with music.

These events are highly sought after and often sell out months before the event.

We present here some of the evenings of the 2023 edition of the Venice Carnival!


 Saturday, February 18, 2023: "Carnival in Love

 Sunday February 19, 2023: Gala evening "Venetian Reflections”


Carnaval in Love Venise Caranval

Venice Masquerade Party : Carnival in Love

The water of the canals has always sung its sweet melody and, as if by magic, it gives life to a succession of emotions and dreams. For this edition of Carnival in Love Grand Ball, the splendid Palazzo Zen will transport you to the Venice of the eighteenth century where everything was allowed.

The access to the After-Dinner will be possible at 22:30, where many other surprises are waiting for you. Unforgettable experience guaranteed!

To participate in the official Carnival dinner, it is necessary to come in costume and masks (historical costumes). Costume rental is included in some packages.

For the After Dinner entrance, the mandatory dress code is elegant with mask.


Venice Carnival Themed Party : Venetian Reflections

Enter the strange world of the Venice Carnival, where the border between dream and reality is difficult to distinguish. We invite you to attend a special evening for the occasion! "Venetian Reflections will not disappoint its guests, with a very special program including a charity auction and an open bar lounge after dinner. Check out the evening's program now!


2023 Carnival Parties Venice

Should you need any advice to pick the Carnival party that is right for you, we will be happy to assist! We are available as well to sort out mask and costume issues !

Experience a dinner show for the Venice Carnival 2023! Cocktails, gala dinner, artistic animations and stunning outfits, don't miss the unique experience of a masked evening!

Other events on the program:

  •  Saturday, February 11: "The ball of dreams"
  • Saturday, February 11: "The Ball of Casanova
  • Saturday February 18: Gala evening "The Doge's Ball
  • Friday February 17: Gala evening "Don Giovanni

Buy your tickets online! All the information on our page dedicated to Carnival of Venice dinner shows!

More about Venice Carnival?

Would you like more ideas to organize your Venice Carnival? Discover more about it:

If you need any more information about the Carnival of Venice and its program for 2023 edition, please do not hesitate and get in touch today! Our team will be pleased to assist you with your queries.