Venice Carnival Costumes: models and rental options

The Venice Carnival involves everyone in a whirlwind of colours, joy and beauty. In the joyful frenzy of Carnival, a place of honour is given to period costumes, splendid historical costumes that can be seen parading along the Venetian streets, in Piazza San Marco, posing in the most scenic corners of the city.

If the purchase of an historical dress is expansive for most, costume rental in Venice is more accessible and rental services for 24 hours could allow you to experience the unique excitement of parading in Venice.

Surrounded by flashes, you will be definitely at the center of the scene. You will be able to access the masked balls that animate the Venetian palaces during the nights of Carnival and that attract participants from around the world.

Venice carnival outfits in venice
Venice carnival outfits for man

Choose from many Venetian costume models

The Venetian Carnival dresses are handcrafted models, handmade one by one in the ateliers of Venice, specializing in historical research on models.

Each of them is made by following a careful implementation with materials of excellent quality and attention to detail.

Venetian carnival dresses are unique pieces and require months of work at the ateliers to be created.

Their number is limited and if you plan to rent a costume for the next Venice Carnival you should get active a few months in advance.

Thousands of models of costumes are available in Venice ateliers from the Commedia dell’Arte to the Venice of the 18th century, to the Venice of the ‘500 with Casanova and typical noblewoman.

You can be portrayed with a photoshoot in costume in the splendor of St. Mark’s Square, rent costumes to participate in the Carnival, and visit the costumes workshops led by Venetian craftsmen. Let’s go!

Venetian Carnival Costumes: discover the traditional models

The costumes of Venice tradition date back to the second half of the 16th century and in the ateliers of Venice, you will find them proposed in faithful historical reproductions. Among the various types of costumes available, we highlight in particular two categories:

venice historical costume
venice historical costume

It includes the costumes of the characters of the traditional Italian theater like comedies of the great Venetian, Carlo Goldoni with Harlequin (“Servant of two masters”).

Goldoni, who wrote in the eighteenth century, was inspired by figures well known to his audience with characters of the Commedia dell’Arte placed in the second half of the ‘500.

Therefore the costumes, proposed in faithful historical reproductions, evoke the fashion of that period.

  • 18th-century Venetian costumes

They saw the greatest splendor of Venice and its historic Carnival. The 18th century was the century of Giacomo Casanova and of great painters such as Gianbattista Tiepolo and Canaletto.

The economic decadence of the city, although inexorably underway, was not reflected at all in the costumes of the higher classes, decidedly sumptuous and immoderate.

The aura of the period is renewed in these spectacular dresses that, with a dip in the past, allow you to enjoy the charm of past centuries.

Venice Carnival Costume Rental: directly in the atelier!

If you plan a trip to Venice for Carnival with housing, masquerade, and costume then you need this service! Once you have set a date for your stay in Venice and the masquerade party you’d like to attend, you can start searching for your Venetian Carnival dress to immerse yourself in the festivities.

You can view the catalog of models, send us your measurements and receive all the options available. On the day of your arrival in Venice, you will do a costume rehearsal in the atelier, a few minutes from the Rialto Bridge. On the day of the party, the costume will be delivered to the place where you stay in Venice! For more information about this service click on Rental Costumes Carnival Venice.

Venetian Carnival outfits: 24-hour rental

Historical costumes, of the Commedia dell’Arte, of the Venetian 18th century, or fantasy! In this atelier, each piece is handmade and rates are very affordable. Ask for the complete catalog of historical Venetian costumes and visit our page on Venetian Carnival outfits.

Venice masquerade costumes: guided tour in an artisanal atelier

A wonderful experience to do in Venice is to immerse yourself in the world of Venetian Carnival clothes. This Venice atelier situated not far from Rialto will open the doors of its workshops for a guided tour where you can discover all the secrets of Venetian masks and costumes, their history, today’s techniques of creation. A journey through the time and past of Venice face to face with the craftsmen who carry on a centuries-old tradition. Find out more in the offer Venice masquerade Costumes.

Photoshoot in Venice carnival Costumes

This is an exceptional experience and we suggest it as an idea for a beautiful souvenir of your trip to Venice! In the frame of St. Mark’s Square and crossing the most authentic Venice, among glimpses of infinite beauty, you can be portrayed in a beautiful historic costume. It is also possible to make the photoshoot in a gondola for a romantic gift for a couple.  More details on the page photoshoot in venice italy.


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