Travel through time with Venice Masked balls

During the Venice Carnival period, there are all kinds of parties everywhere in the city. You could choose to celebrate in the Piazza, on the streets, in a hotel. However, what we recommend for your Carnival Celebration is to join a Private party in the historic palaces of Venice, which will give you the opportunity to be in an exclusive location to celebrate one of the most special festivals in the world.


A Venetian masquerade ball is really a unique occasion to celebrate the Venice Carnival, Italy. You will see all kinds of artistic performances : jugglers, fire eaters, dancers, and live music among the luxuries of a Venetian residence not usually open to the public. You will jump back in time to experience the luxurious and mysterious side of life of many years ago in the City of Water. Carnival balls organized in Venetian palaces normally  have an entrance ticket, which includes various services: from gala dinner to the rental of costumes, to the private transfer. Read on to find out more!


Venice Masquerade balls : dress code

To take part in a Venetian Masked Ball, it is often required to wear historical costumes and venetian masks. Venetian costumes are those that are seen parading during the Carnival in St. Mark’s Square and of which visitors take thousands of photos.

Depending on the event you are attending, carnival costumes could be included in your ticket or could also be rented separately. While these costumes are easily rented in Venice, please keep in mind that you need to organize yourself well in advance. In fact, they are very popular for traditional venetian Carnival events and if you arrive too late, choice will be limited. At the end of this page you will find a link to our dedicated section. to see the different options we offer.

Costume Venice Carnival Private party

Some masked balls require an easier dress code, for example, arriving after dinner with an elegant evening dress and mask instead of the historical costume.

Keep in mind that places for Carnival dinners and events are limited and reservations are made months in advance. Therefore choose your event for your February 2021 Carnival celebration and book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Here are some of the best Masquerade balls available in Venice to celebrate Carnival 2021.

Saturday 19th February 2022, Venice masked Ball of dreams


Every year during Carnival the ancient palaces of Venice become stunning locations for fabulous Venetian masked balls. This year, it will be the “Palazzo Ca’Zen ai Frari ” , in the San Polo district, opening its gates for the Grand“Ball of Dreams. This masquerade ball is among the most famous taking place in Venice. Get ready for a really special night : Entertainers, music, cocktails, gala dinner, and finally DJ set and open bar. Don’t forget about the Dress-code ! Luckily, this event offers options with outfit included! Make sure you book early to have more costumes to choose from!

Masked ball Venice Carnival 2021


The Doge’s ball- 26th of February 2022

The “ Doge’s ball” is the most luxurious event of the Carnival,  with a new edition each year , more intriguing and magnificent than the previous one. If you are looking for a fancy party with VIP guests, don’t look any further. The entertainment of the highest level is expected, together with incredible decoration and costumes from the collection of the most famous designer in Venice.

”Venice Masquerade Ball: “Le Miroir Magique” 26th February 2022

We offer another masquerade ball on the 26th of February: “Carnival in Love- Le miroir magique”. As we know, in Venice, nothing is exaggerated, and if there is one thing the city likes to do most, it is to surprise you! On Saturday, February 26th, enter the labyrinth of an endless night with a final event of the closing Carnival, the masked ball of Venice “Le Miroir magique” will be unforgettable. At the “Palazzo Ca’Zen ai Frari ”, the celebrations will continue until the middle of the night.


Masquarade Ball 2021 Venice Carnival

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